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NGFA Appoints Seyfert as New CEO Effective March 1

The National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) has announced that Michael J. Seyfert will assume the role of CEO effective March 1. Seyfert will fill the void left by retiring CEO Randy Gordon, who has been with the NGFA for 43 years, of which the last eight were as CEO.

As the NGFA begins its 125th year in existence, Seyfert will bring a deep well of experience in both the corporate and government spheres, currently serving as director of government and industry affairs for FMC Corp where he heads the company’s federal, state, and local North American government and industry affairs program.

Seyfert has spent 25 years at the nation’s capital, where he was on the staff of former U.S. Senator Pat Roberts from 1997-2013. He also served two years as staff director of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee and oversaw the development and Senate approval of the farm bill enacted in February 2014. In addition, Seyfert has held leadership roles with a number of agriculture producer, commodity and agribusiness associations, including as chair and past vice chair of CropLife’s America’s Federal Affairs Committee, co-chair of CropLife America’s Trade Working Group, past co-chair of the National Corn Growers Association’s Agri-Industry Council, and a member of the Farm Federation’s Roundtable Steering Committee.

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