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Lawsuits Likely Over Mexico’s Ban on GMOs, Glyphosate

Juan Cortina, the new head of Mexico’s Farm Council (CNA) - the top farm lobby in the country - has stated that lawsuits will likely be filed this month to halt the government’s plan to ban genetically modified corn and the use of glyphosate.

Within recent months, the Mexican government announced its intentions to phase out the cultivation or importation of GMO corn, including its use in animal feed, and the use of glyphosate over the coming three years, citing health concerns, and claiming that the move would boost traditional domestic corn supplies.

Cortina also added that he expects U.S. exporters to attempt to declare the measures illegal by appealing the provisions of the USMCA trade pact.

One widespread concern being cited is that Mexico’s growing livestock sector, which accounts for 40 percent of the country’s farm economy and was worth $24 billion last year, could lose competitiveness under the ban, as it relies on 17 million pounds of imported yellow corn (nearly all of it GMO and from U.S. suppliers) every year to fatten animals.

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