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Cargill Investing $425M to Expand U.S. Soy Operations

Cargill is planning on a total investment of $425 million to improve its operational efficiencies of its U.S. soy operations.

Once completed, the goal is to modernize and expand its network of crush facilities across seven states, while also increasing capacity by 10 percent in one location and doubling capacity in a second to better meet demand for U.S. soy products.

Some of the larger projects will be: Sidney, Ohio - Expansion of the company’s crush facility including the addition of state-of-the-art loading capabilities. Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Increasing production capacity at its soybean processing facility - this project is more than halfway complete.

Wichita, Kansas - Cargill will more than double its soybean unloading capacity per hour, and will add more automation and safety upgrades.

Kansas City, Missouri - Cargill will enhance on-site automation that will triple the per-hour truck load out capacity.

As a whole, these projects will strengthen Cargill’s crush footprint, give customers better access to feedstocks, accelerate unloading of oilseeds and loading of products, increase capacity that will provide additional market opportunities, and generally improve logistics, safety, and Cargill’s ability to do business.

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