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After $425M Investment, Tyson to Begin Production at its First New Plant in 25 Years

After investing $425 million in the project, Tyson is officially opening its first new poultry processing plant in 25 years.

The 370,000 square-foot facility located in Humboldt, Tennessee, will include a processing plant, a feed mill that will produce 14,000 tons of finished feed per week to supply to 56 local poultry farmers, and a hatchery that will provide chicks to local poultry farmers who supply broiler chickens to Tyson. Tyson has five other facilities across Tennessee, and this project represents the biggest investment in the state, and Tyson’s second significant investment following an $84 million expansion at its Union City operation.

The company plans to begin production at the site by the end of the month producing pre-packaged trays of fresh chicken to be sold through grocery stores nationwide. Several hundred workers have been hired already, and by 2023, the site is expected to employ a team of more than 1,500.

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