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New Study Finds Rapeseed has the Potential to Replace Soy as Top Plant-Based Protein for Humans

A study being conducted by scientists at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) Institute of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences found that rapeseed protein has comparable benefits for human metabolism as soy protein. Furthermore, rapeseed offered even better glucose metabolism and satiety compared to soy.

Soy has been generally considered the best source of protein for humans due to its particularly beneficial composition of amino acids, however, rapeseed protein, which can be sourced from the by-products of rapeseed oil production, is showing potential to replace soy as the best source.

So far data on rapeseed protein’s effects in connection with human consumption has been limited compared to soy. However, rapeseed contains phytochemicals that could have beneficial effects on human health. Other advantages include that it is already being grown in Europe, and the by-products of rapeseed oil production, which are currently being used only for animal feed, could be used to make new, nutritious foods.

The only drawback found has been rapeseed’s mustard-like flavor, making it more suitable in the production of savory foods rather than sweet.

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