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NEW Cooperative to Build Grain Port on Missouri River

Iowa-based NEW Cooperative has announced its intentions to construct a new port on the Missouri River, 2.5 miles west of Blencoe.

NEW Cooperative is a farmer-owned grain, agronomy, energy, and feed co-op with 39 locations across western and northwestern Iowa that offers grain services, along with feed, fertilizer, and seed resources.

Once completed and operational, the 38-acre site will be accessed by a hard service road from Interstate 29, making it the largest and most northern port on the Missouri, and will have the ability to load and unload six barges at a time.

The co-op expects that the port will create an additional new market for its members, offering direct access to the export market and a fourth outlet for its customers’ grain. Furthermore, fertilizer, aggregates, and other commodities will be shipped into the port to be stored and marketed through wholesale partners and to NEW’s customer base.

This ability to bring fertilizer into NEW, and export its grain out, will make the Port of Blencoe valuable to the co-op for its ability to offset increases in rail rates.

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