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General Mills Selects Kansas Wheat for Three-Year Sustainability Pilot Program

General Mills has chosen Kansas wheat as the foundation for a three-year restorative farming project to discover new ways for farmers to conserve water, improve soil health, and decrease carbon footprints.

With help from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium, General Mills has chosen the 650,000-acre Cheney Reservoir region as the location for the project.

Twenty-four farmers across five counties - Kowa, Reno, Pratt, Kingman, and Stafford - have been chosen to participate in the impact-based agricultural program. Each farmer will be paid based on increased soil carbon, reduced greenhouse gasses, improved water quality, and higher efficiency in water usage. General Mills has partnered with consultants from Understanding Ag who will work with these farmers to identify changes that can be made to their production practices and methods, and who will then collect the data and information needed to verify those changes.

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