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Three-Way Ag Partnership to Advance Soybean Quality for Livestock Feed

Syngenta Seeds, the Illinois Soybean Association, and the United Soybean Board have announced a three-way partnership with the goal of advancing the nutritional quality traits of soybeans to be used in livestock feed. The work of this partnership will build upon the nutritional findings from the ongoing High Yield PLUS Quality (HY&Q) program originally developed by the ISA.

Syngenta joins LG Seeds and AgriGold to be the third seed company to advance soybean quality. The program will include Syngenta’s major seed brands, as well as NK, Golden Harvest, and Enogen Feed Hybrids. And teams will identify and promote soybean varieties and corn hybrids in the company’s portfolio that offer the traits sought after by livestock and ethanol producers.

By taking this action, the company aims to help farmers offset revenue and market share losses in key swine feed markets, which have seen soybean meal content in rations drop by 70 percent since 1990, being replaced by amino acids and corn byproducts.

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