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Short Supply and High Demand to See U.S. Organic Feed Imports Rise

U.S. organic feed grain imports are expected to increase after wet spring weather constricted domestic corn and soybean planting as concerns remain about the quality of existing crops being harvested.

Organic producers have faced the same conditions that have been challenging producers of conventional crops, such as an extended period of cold and wet conditions early in the season. However, organic producers have additionally had to deal with managing cover crops in soaked fields, according to Ryan Koory, director of economics with Mercaris, a primary data provider for the organic and non-GMO commodity industry.

U.S. organic corn production is estimated to be 36.4 million bushels this year, a drop of 12 percent year-on-year. Even when including organic corn imports, which are forecasted to increase by 28 percent, supplies are expected to be 1 percent lower than the previous year.

Meanwhile, U.S. organic soybean output is expected to decrease by 7 million bushels, or 14 percent year-on year, with total overall organic soybean supplies on pace to fall by 5 percent.

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