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Cargill to Invest $225M to Expand Soybean Crush Facility in Ohio

Cargill announced its plan to invest approximately $225 million to expand and upgrade its soybean crush and refined oils facility originally opened in 1978 in Sidney, Ohio.

The project, which will bring Cargill’s direct investment in the state of Ohio to more than $1 billion, will modernize the site operations, increase capacity, enable for much quicker and efficient unloading, and create greater market access for the local farmers’ crops.

The expansion of the crush plant, which is expected to be completed in 2022, will also provide its adjacent refined oils facility with a larger, direct supply of crude soybean oil.

All told, Cargill operates 19 facilities across the state, and employes 1,400 people. The company has contributed $14 million to Ohio-based nonprofit organizations to bolster agricultural education and strengthen the workforce.

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