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Glencore Joins Grain Giant Partnership Bringing Tech to the Supply Chain

Glencore has joined a partnership launched last year by the world’s top grain giants to foster the inclusion and adoption of technology to raise efficiency and transparency in global grain supply chains.

Announced in October 2018, the alliance originated with ADM, Bunge, Cargill, and Louis Dreyfus, and was later joined by COFCO in January of this year.

Understanding that the integration of technologies such as AI and blockchain will provide opportunities to increase transparency and efficiency for customers while also reducing resource and time-intensive processes for suppliers, the companies are also seeking broad-based industry participation in support of global access and adoption. Since its launch, the project has held workshops and roundtable discussions with industry stakeholders including shippers, charterers, buers, service providers, financiers, trade associations, and industry regulators, with the goal of collaborating on critical issues such as data security, adoption strategies, functionalities, capabilities, and technology choices.

Plans are now turning toward development and execution, focusing on a pilot program covering international bulk shipments of soybeans from Brazil to China, and the selection of technology providers and partners.

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