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Consolidated Grain & Barge to Lease Elevators from Agspring

Consolidated Grain & Barge (CGB), a wholly owned subsidiary of CGB Enterprises Inc., which itself operates 95 grain facilities across the U.S. Midwest, has agreed to lease nine grain elevators from Big River Rice & Grain, a wholly owned subsidiary of Agspring.

Headquartered in Pioneer, Louisiana, Bir River Rice & Grain was formed in 2013 through an acquisition, and serves the region’s grain producers, processors, and customers with origination, storage and handling, logistics, marketing, and risk management for corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, and milo.

The elevators in question are located in Eudora and Parkdale, Arkansas, and Pioneer, Dunn, Monticello, Hollybrook, Mer Rouge, Crowville and Lake Providence, Louisiana.

Agspring said that the deal will be beneficial to regional producers due to CGB’s direct links to export markets, while the deal will allow Agspring the ability to focus on its value-added businesses including Thresher Artisan Wheat, Firebird Artisan Mills, and Agforce Transport Service.

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