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S&W Seed Co. Acquires Chromatin Sorghum Assets and Contracts for $26.5M

S&W Seed Co. announced it has acquired certain assets and contracts from Chromatin, a U.S. sorghum operator, for $26.5 million, after Chromatin entered into receivership earlier this year.

S&W states that the deal will help position the company as a major presence in the sorghum industry, and will transform the company into a strong middle-market agricultural player.

Chromatin began as an agbiotech company, and S&W believes that the sorghum hybrid varieties developed by Chromatin including grain, forage, food grade, and sweet varieties are some of the best available. Chromatin also brings with it a pipeline of products in development that will offer traits that will be the first of their kind on the market, and an established distribution network of more than 500 farmer-dealers, sales representatives, and channel partners that will be a part of significant cross-synergies with S&W’s existing alfalfa sales teams.

Moving forward, S&W said that Don Panter will serve as executive vice president of the Americas, and will oversee sales, marketing, research and development, and the supply chain for integrated sorghum, alfalfa, sunflower, and stevia operations. Meanwhile, Don Callachor has been promoted to executive vice president of International operations.

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