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Significant El Niño Event Likely, Predict Scientists

Scientists are expecting an El Niño event to begin evolving in the month of September, which could last for a number of months through the Northern Hemisphere winter, and may prove significant.

If computer forecast models prove out, it could have a great impact on global areas that have already been experiencing adverse conditions, from a dry season to extreme drought, including Europe, eastern Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, eastern Ukraine, and parts of Russia and the Canadian Prairies.

Precipitation levels will be critical in the coming weeks, prior to the intensification of an El Niño as winter wheat, barley, and canola will begin reproducing across Australia. Indonesia too is in need of critical rain, where portions of the country have received less than half their normal rainfall since mid-July.

Meanwhile, drought in Europe, Ukraine, Russia, and Canada will likely be eased with the seasonal cooling of the atmosphere that comes with the beginning of autumn. However, even with improved soil moisture, it is believed to be too late for these regions to fully recover production potential for summer grains and oilseeds.

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