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Europe’s Second Largest Grain Producing Country Will See Lowest Output  in 24 Years

Germany, the second largest grain producing country in Europe behind France, is expected to see its lowest production in 24 years.

All told Germany will see total grain production of 36.3 metric tons this year - a 20 percent decline from the year before, and the smallest output since 1994. For wheat, which is the country’s top grain crop, output is expected to be 20 million tons - a 19 percent drop year-on-year, according to German farm cooperative, DRV. The largest decline will be seen in corn production, which is expected to fall by 49 percent to 2.3 million tons, while barley output will fall by 13 percent to 9.48 million tons.

Dry, hot weather across Europe has had a significant effect upon forecasts, which predict that the German grain harvest will fall below the country’s domestic demand for the first time in a long period of time.

Drought conditions this year could cost German farmers US$2.3 billion and have led the EU to loosen certain environmental regulations and to create aid packages for farmers.

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