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Wisconsin Advancing Toward Getting its First Soybean Crushing Facility

WSBCP, LLC is looking to develop Wisconsin’s first soybean crushing facility, and the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board and the City of Waupun have jointly proposed a site for construction.

After a feasibility study, a 66.5 acre parcel of city-owned land in the Waupun Industrial Park has been selected for the $150 million facility.

Despite being the country’s 12th largest soybean producer, Wisconsin currently does not have a crushing facility. All soybeans grown in-state must be shipped to out-of-state locations to be processed into soy oil, soy meal, and soy protein before being shipped back into Wisconsin for use in animal feed and other applications.

Last year there were 1.33 million acres of soybeans planted within 100 miles of the proposed site, with an estimated output of 62.5 million bushels, according to the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board.

The planned facility will have the capacity to crush up to 100,000 bushels of soybeans per day, and it is estimated that purchases of soybeans will reach 33 million bushels. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2019, and the facility is expected to be online in 2020.

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