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Cargill Sells Ontario Grain and Crop Inputs Assets

Cargill announced it has agreed to sell its Ontario-based grain and crops inputs assets including South West Ag Partners to La Coop fédérée, a Canadian agri-food cooperative.

Under the terms of the sale, La Coop will acquire a total of 13 grain, input, and retail facilities, however not included in the sale is Cargill’s export terminal in Sarnia, or the AgResource crop inputs wholesale business.

The decision to divest the assets was made following an evaluation by Cargill to determine the efficiency and competitiveness of its assets, and the conclusion that the sale would serve the company in better achieving its growth strategy.

For Le Coop, the addition of the assets will be complementary to its existing assets in the region which includes four crop input terminals, 16 locally-owned joint venture retailers, and a grain trading group.

Cargill states that it will continue to operate its remaining 40 crop input retail sites, 26 elevators, five export terminals, and two oilseed processing plants across Canada.

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