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High Oleic Soybeans On Track to be Fourth Largest U.S. Grain and Oilseed Crop

High oleic soybeans have secured global regulatory approval, creating expectations that the crop will become the fourth largest grain and oilseed crop in the U.S.

The path is now clear for farmers to increase their acreage of the soybeans, and for the U.S. to increase its share of the global soybean market as demand for high oleic oil continues to climb.

Research conducted by the soy checkoff has found that high oleic soybean varieties offer a more stable oil for high-temperature use in restaurants and by producers of packaged items. The high oleic beans also will have uses that reach beyond the food industry into improvements for synthetic motor oil and automotive lubricants.

Originally grown in only three U.S. states, the varieties are now being grown in 13 states with acreage expanding from 50,000 acres in 2013 to 625,000 acres in 2017. Given the advantages and benefits offered by high oleic soybeans, the United Soybean Board has expectations that high oleic varieties will become to be planted on 18 million acres, making it the fourth largest grain or oilseed crop being produced in the U.S.

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