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Moratorium By Global Traders is Saving Amazon Rainforest

Since 2008, deforestation due to soybean production in Brazil’s Amazon fell by 85 percent to an average 1,049 square kilometers per year, while rainforest destruction due to oilseed production accounted for just 1.2 percent of total cutting in the Amazon over the same time period, according to a report issued by the Brazilian government, environmental lobbies, and industry associations.

Greenpeace is attributing this drop to a moratorium put in place by companies including global grain traders Cargill and Bunge stating that they will not purchase soybeans grown on newly deforested land.

The results of the report are being cited as proof that zero deforestation is possible, and that the same pledges should be made to protect other sensitive biomes such as the Cerrado and the savanna.

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