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New Soy Protein Aquaculture Feed Ingredient Launched on Market

Midwest Ag Enterprises, a U.S.-based feed ingredient startup, has released NutriVance, a new soy protein feed ingredient targeted for aquaculture production that the company claims can replace 100 percent of fishmeal during certain stages of growout.

The company has partnered with EPAND-AG, a Mexico-based feed ingredient distributor founded by Mexican American and former regional director for the U.S. Soy Export Council, Francisco de la Torre, to sell the new feed ingredient across the Latin American and Caribbean markets.

The partners are currently in talks with feed suppliers such as Biomar and Alimentsa to sell NutriVance, which contains 65 percent soy protein (on an as-fed basis), or approximately the same content as fishmeal.

Soy protein makes sense on multiple levels; it satisfies consumers’ desire for more plant-based feed usage in animal protein production; quality and price remain stable throughout the year; is more sustainable than fishmeal; is rich in amino acids; and supply is ensured since global soy production has increased 160 percent since 1991 - more than any other crop.

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