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ADM Invests Further in Non-GMO Grain Production

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) is once again investing to increase its production of non-GMO grains in Europe. The group announced that it is investing in its crushing facility in Straubing, Germany, to support enhanced output of non-GMO high-protein soybean meal for the local poultry, dairy, and swine feed market.

The company has worked to create vertically integrated supply lines that meet the demand for “systems that track and preserve crop identity from seed to factory to finished product.”

The investment in the facility at Straubing follows upon ADM’s investment in its soy processing facility in Spyck, and the added capacity at the facility is expected to drive greater production of non-GMO grain by the region’s farmers.

Soybean growing and processing has been accelerating across Europe, with soybean output reaching 2.7 million tons across the EU bloc in 2017/18 - 49.4 percent above the five-year average, according to the EU Commission. Italy accounts for more than half of this output, but France is now home to a new soybean crushing facility in the southwest launched through a collaboration between French agribusiness group Avril and agri-cooperative Euralis.

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