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Blumberg Grain’s National Food Security Project in Algeria Needs Advancing

Blumberg Grain has been working in close collaboration with Algeria’s Prime Minister, Abdelmalek Sellal, to design and implement a project to be carried out by Blumberg Grain on behalf of the Algerian Inter-Professional Cereals Office (OAIC). The project is specifically designed to support the collection and storage of domestically produced wheat – the output of which has been steadily increasing to the point where the country announced it will stop the importation of durum wheat in 2018/19.

Originally scheduled to be completed within 22 months, or in time for the 2017/18 harvest, the Blumberg Project was to answer the country’s grain storage deficiencies with the construction of 100 modern storage units across the country. These units would then be connected to a central command, control, and logistics hub to allow for the remote management of the system.

Given the critical nature of the grain industry to Algeria’s food security and economic diversification away from hydrocarbons, and the country’s rising yields, the Blumberg Project will be key to overcoming the challenges created by Algeria’s outdated infrastructure.

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