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G3 Building Grain Terminal at Port of Vancouver

G3 Terminal Vancouver, a subsidiary of G3 Global Holdings announced its plans to build a grain export terminal at the Port of Vancouver in British Columbia. This project represents the first new grain terminal being built at the port since the 1960s.

The terminal will include 180,000 tons of storage, a rail loop that can accommodate thee 134-car trains, and will have the ability to handle oilseeds, cereal grains, pulses, and specialty crops. Unloading will be able to be done while trains continue moving as they return to G3 Canada’s elevators without detaching their locomotives.

Construction of the project will be handled by Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co. and will begin in March 2017 and be completed in 2020.

In June of this year, G3 opened two grain terminals located in Saskatchewan and Manitoba that both have the ability to unload moving trains and also have high-capacity drags under the driveways giving farmers the ability to unload full super-B’s in less than five minutes.

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