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G3 Has Proposed a New Grain Terminal in Vancouver – Here’s What it Might Look Like

G3 had proposed the construction of a new state-of-the-art grain terminal on the north shore of the Burrard Inlet just east of Cargill’s grain terminal.

If approval is secured for the construction of the facility, it will be built on a 60-acre site and will have nearly 200,000 tons of grain storage, and a spiral loop track that will have the ability to handle three 134-car trains at one time. This ability will give the site the capacity to unload 134 cars every ten hours, and at 90 tons per car, the site will unload 1,206 tons per hour.

At G3’s existing terminals in Glenlea, Bloom, Pasqua, and Colonsay, (all of which have loop tracks) trains have the ability to be loaded in 11 hours, however trains at these sites are usually loaded every 14 to 16 hours.

Although declining to discuss the cost of the project, G3 executives did say that the project received most of the required permits in May of this year, but caution that there are a significant amount of details to work out before gaining the go-ahead for such an extensive undertaking by the Board of Directors.

To see a rendering of the proposed project:



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