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Canadian Gov’t Invests $10M for Construction of New Wheat Flour Mill

Lawrence MacAulay, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food announced a $10 million investment by the government in Winnipeg-based Parrish and Heimbecker Ltd. – the second largest flour miller by capacity in the country, to build a new wheat flour mill in Hamilton.

The investment was approved under the government’s initiative to pursue investments that will create value within the country’s agriculture value chain and will expand export markets, and is being made through the five year, $698 million Growing Forward 2 AgriInnovation Program.

With the added facility in Hamilton, Parrish and Heimbecker plans to quadruple the volume of wheat it sources from producers while adding 16 new jobs.

The state-of-the-art plant will incorporate the latest technology that will use advanced cleaning methods prior to milling to ensure the highest quality control and food safety, and will also incorporate technology that will enable traceability of specific batches of flour in the case of a recall.

This repayable investment is being made through the Five year, $698 million Growing Forward 2 AgriInnovation Program.

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