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Buyers from Five Mexican Grain Importers Visit Iowa

A team of representatives from five Mexican grain importers are to visit Iowa prior to the U.S. Grains Council Export Exchange to be held in Detroit.

The buyers will begin their tour at Landus Coop, the largest farmer-owned agricultural cooperative in the state. Other sites to be visited include the Poet Ethanol plant which produces 69 million gallons per year, the Pro Cooperative, the Maier farm in Wright County, the Maxyield Cooperative, Corn LP, Ag Partners feed mill, Innovative Ag, Heartland Coop, and the farm owned by ICGA director, Denny Friest.

Mexico is the largest buyer of U.S. corn, taking 13.3 million tons in the 2015/16 marketing year – a 17 percent increase over the year before and 75 percent more than what was bought in 2010/11. Mexican purchases of distillers’ grains also saw a 19 percent last year, totaling 1.9 million tons – up from 1.59 million tons.

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