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Four U.S. Grain Companies Merge into Panhandle Milling

Four U.S. grain companies - Panhandle Milling, a flour mill in Dawn, Texas; New Mexico Milling, a flour mill in Farmington; New Mexico, Specialty Grains also in Dawn, Texas; and Specialty Blends located in both Texas and New Mexico, are merging their operations into a single group to be known as Panhandle Milling.

The deal, which was announced on October 3 was orchestrated by milling executives Bryan Ledgewood, Jon Mason, Peter Bisaccia, and John Cure with the goal of expanding the collective offerings of the four partner companies.

Bringing together two flour mills, a grain blending and packing operation and a mixing and blending company that works with both GMO and non-GMO and organic grains, will not only consolidate abilities, but will bring together a veteran management team while also capitalizing on geographic proximity.

Moving forward, Bisaccia, who had previously been senior director of sale at Ardent Mills, will lead the new company as both president and partner.

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