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Viterra Joins Wave of New Grain Infrastructure Construction

On September 15, Viterra Inc. announced it was building a new grain terminal in Wadena in Saskatchewan, Canada. The facility will have storage capacity totaling 34,000 tons and will be able to load 156 rail cars through the use of a loop track. Construction is scheduled to begin this fall and should be completed in the fall of 2018.

Canada has seen a wave of grain facility construction and openings recently.

On June 27, Viterra officially opened it Tempest pulse facility, which will clean, store, and ship pulse crops. Viterra also recently opened its grain terminal in Kindersley with the capacity to store 28,000 tons of grain and to load 108 railcars, and opened its Grimshaw grain terminal with 30,000 tons of storage capacity and the ability to load 104 railcars.

Meanwhile, in December 2015 GrainsConnect, a joint venture formed between Japan’s Zen-Noh Grain Corp. and Australia’s GrainCorp, announced it was investing $120 million to build four grain terminals in Saskatchewan and Alberta--although construction of a throughput grain terminal in Aberta has been put on hold. At the same time, Paterson Grain is moving forward on its terminal construction in Bowden, Alberta.

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