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Flour Mill Construction to Begin in Oman

The construction of a flour mill with the capacity to process 500 tons per day is set to begin in September at the Sohar Port of Freezone in Oman.

Oman Flour Mills subsidiary, Sohar Flour Mills, which is partially owned by Oman’s government, is building the facility as part of the country’s strategic plan for better future food security.

Together with the construction of an agro-terminal by the Sohar Port and Freezone and a sugar refinery by an Omani company, the flour mill will be part of the development of a key logistics and distribution hub at the site.

Additionally, Sohar Flour Mills is reported to be in talks with the Omani government regarding the construction of storage silos at the site which will be managed by a group company which will receive rental income from the government.

Sohar’s parent company, Oman Flour Mills, has expanded over the years to become the second largest miller in the country with the capacity to process 800 tons per day while also operating an animal feed mill with a capacity of 1,100 tons per day.

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