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Wauregan Grain Responds to CCC Close with Animal Feed Expansion

With the closing of the Central Connecticut Cooperative Farmers Association (CCC), Wauregan Grain Company is now the only bulk feed manufacturer in the state of Connecticut registered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and listed on the USDA website.

Wauregan has more than 35 unique registered feed mixes and handles 200 tons of bulk and 65 tons of bagged feed per week.

The abrupt closing of CCC left about 300 small to medium sized farms scrambling to find an alternative feed source.

In response to the closing of CCC and the vacuum it left in the state’s feed supply, Wauregan has quickly expanded its animal feed business adding three silos to ease the process of accepting grain shipments from the Midwest. The company is also targeting a niche consumer market, focusing on operations that too large to rely totally on bagged feed, but not so large that they can completely rely on bulk feed.

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