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Grain Handlers Prepping More Storage for Expected Bumper Grain Crops

With existing storage facilities still holding last year’s crops, U.S. grain handlers are constructing temporary grain bins and are prepping additional storage for the bumper soybean and corn crops expected this season.

The highest demand for temporary bins, which can hold between 750,000 and one million bushels of grain, were up 30% compared to last, with the highest demand for bins being seen in the western Midwest states.

The temporary bins are constructed of steel panels up to eight feet high held into a ring shape, with construction taking about a week. After being loaded with grain, the ring is then covered with a tarp and aerated with fans.

Both U.S. corn and soybean crops are ahead of schedule this season with 30% of corn at the dough stage – five percent above the five year average, and with 54% of the U.S. soybean crop at the pod setting stage, compared to a five year average of 44%.

This advanced development is the third highest on record for this time of year, and industry insiders believe that even extra temporary storage will be overwhelmed with grain.

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