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EU Rapeseed Harvest Estimate Cut for Third Consecutive Month

Strategie Grains has reduced its forecast for the EU’s rapeseed harvest this season for the third consecutive month due to lower yields in France, Germany, and Poland.

The agency has lowered its output estimate for the EU by 570,000 tons to 20.7 million tons, bringing the expected overall harvest 6% below last year’s despite marginal increases in output expected for Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, and Lithuania.

The bulk of the reduction in output will be due to France, which is forecast to see a cut of 410,000 tons to its harvest, bringing production for this season to 4.7 million tons and 12% below last year.

Meanwhile Germany, the top rapeseed producer in the EU, has had its harvest estimate cut by 160,000 tons to five million tons due to a lack of rain in its northeast region, and Poland’s expected harvest of 2.2 million tons is now 20% below last season.

This reduction in output is also expected to raise EU rapeseed imports by 400,000 tons to 3.3 million tons, or 4% above last year’s import volumes.

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