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Port Strike in Argentina Expected to Disrupt Corn and Soybean Exports

Argentinian trucker’s union, The Argentine Confederation of Automotive Transportation of Cargo has pledged to block major grain ports across the country including Rosario, Bahia Blanca, and Necochea beginning the morning of July 14.

The association is protesting in favor of increasing freight tariffs after the price of gasoline increased by 31%, and road tolls have soared by 400%, while freight prices have remained steady.

The strike is expected to hit corn sales harder than soybean oil and soymeal exports. The soybean harvest in the country is mainly ending, however the corn harvest is approximately 60% completed with sales for 24 million tons of corn booked. Of these sales, 13 million tons were exported and another four million tons have yet to be shipped. Six million tons of corn is yet to be sold.

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