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Global Wheat Flour Exports to Reach New Record in 2015/16 – IGC

Global wheat flour exports are expected to reach a new record this season according to a new quarterly reports issued by the International Grains Council (IGC), reports Baking Business.

Worldwide wheat flour trade (excluding durum semolina) is expected to see a 210,000 ton increase, bringing total wheat flour trade to a wheat equivalent of 14.73 million tons compared to 14.25 million tons last year and 13.29 million tons in 2013/14. On a flour basis, exports for the season are expected to be more than 240 million cwts.

Semolina trade is expected to be 400,000 tons for 2015/16, and when included in total wheat flour trade, the total global export aggregate climbs to 15.13 million tons – bringing total exports above 15 million tons for the first time.

This increase in flour trade is being attributed by the Council to ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, with Iraq (the world’s top wheat flour importer) increasing its 2015/16 purchases to 2.3 million tons compared to 1.8 million tons the year before and 1.5 million tons in 2013/14. Afghanistan is expected to increase its wheat flour purchases to 1.8 million tons. These increases translate to Iraq’s imports accounting for 15.6% of global trade, while Afghanistan is responsible for 12.2%.

Turkey is expected to maintain its rank as the top exporter, while Pakistan will see the greatest increase in exports at 700,000 tons – up from 400,000 tons in 2014/15. The EU is forecast to see exports of 1 million tons compared to 900,000 last year. In the Western Hemisphere, Argentina will be the top exporter, shipping 600,000 tons compared to 552,000 tons last year, while Brazil will be the top importer, buying 500,000 tons this season. Canada is forecast to import 140,000 tons of wheat flour (wheat grain equivalent), while Mexico will buy 200,000 tons and the U.S. will import 275,000 tons and will export 400,000 tons.

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