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BroadGrain building $25M inland port grain terminal

BroadGrain Commodities Inc. announced plans to build a $25 million grain terminal, trans-loading site and bean processing facility at the CentrePort Rail Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, according to CBC News. This 29-acre project is the beginning of Toronto-based BroadGrain’s strategic expansion into Western Canada, and is expected to increase rail activity into and out of the port.

“As we started looking at potential green field sites to continue expanding our footprint in the west, we were impressed by the value proposition at CentrePort and the potential for our project to become an anchor development in the new rail park,” said Zaid Qadoumi, BroadGrain’s president and CEO reports Real Agriculture.

The project includes terminal storage, processing capacity and trans-loading ability of up to 150-car unit trains of wheat, soybeans, canola, corn, and specialty crops.

This investment ensures the beginning of phase I of construction of the new 20,000 acre CentrePort Canada Rail Park inland port and foreign trade zone. CentrePort is investing C$2.4 million to build tracks and switches along the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline which will connect to BroadGrains tracks. Subsequent phases of construction on the park will be started in conjunction with the securing of additional projects in order to ensure that the site maintains a pace of development in line with industry demand.

“BroadGrain’s project is an ideal anchor for our new rail park,” Diane Gray, president and CEO of the inland port told Real Agriculture. “They are in need of high-volume rail services in order to move the highest quality of products, which ultimately is the objective of our first phase of development.

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