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BASF, Monsanto Canada Announce Soybean and Canola Collaboration for Western Canada Growers

BASF and Monsanto Canada announced they have expanded their line of joint products marketed under the name, Powerful Combinations, to offer a wider variety of soybean and canola products for growers in Western Canada in the 2016 season.

The two companies will offer farmers new combination packages for 2016 including:

  • PRIAXOR ®, LANCE ® and new LANCE Ag fungicides used in combination with Genuity ® RoundUp Ready ® Canola

  • VIPER ® ADV herbicide when used with Genuity ® RoundUp Ready 2 Yield ® soybeans

  • HEAT ® LQ herbicide when usd with RoundUp Transorb ® HC herbicide

"As a leader in providing sustainable weed management solutions, we're again collaborating with BASF to ensure growers have all the flexibility and tools they need to ensure diversity in their crop rotations," said Jennifer Ewankiw, Crop Protection Marketing Manager, at Monsanto Canada.

The two companies have collaborated in the past on best practices and herbicides, stressing the use of multiple course of actions and tools needed to produce successful crops, and looking toward the 2016 growing season, the collaboration will further benefit farmers with the inclusion of fungicide combinations.

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