• By Lynda Kiernan

Montana’s Northern Seed Buys Grain Business from Syngenta

Butte, Montana-based Northern Seed LLC announced it is expanding its reach in the grain space with the acquisition of Syngenta’s triticale grain program. Grown primarily as animal feed, triticale is a cross between wheat and rye, and is key in solving the need for forage, especially in regions with sparse water.

The deal, the biggest to date for Northern Seed, marks a significant milestone for the company, which has a research center in Bozeman, Montana that is targeting the development of grains and forages in partnership with major research programs, as it will gain it entrance to the Canadian market in addition to the U.S.

The deal includes operations in Vernon, Texas, where Dr. David Worrall will head nationwide, strategic triticale research trials with the goal of increasing yields and the nutritional content of the grain across all 50 states.

The purchase follows closely upon Northern Seed’s acquisition of 700 developmental lines of durum wheat from Montana State University, its purchase of Montana Seed & Grain, and its purchase of WestFeeds LLC, and it will complement the company’s portfolio that currently includes wheat, barley, grasses, peas, and legumes.

“We focus on growers and we wanted to ensure Triticale would continue to be available,” said Paul Morano, key accounts lead with Syngenta Cereals. “We know Northern Seed is in a good position to continue to offer high-quality seed and expand the business into new areas and with ongoing R&D.”

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