• By Lynda Kiernan

Crop Logistics Working Group Identifies Ways to Improve Canadian Grain Systems

The Crop Logistics Working Group (CLWG) has issued its final report identifying ways that the Canadian grain handling and transportation systems can be improved.

The group, chaired by Murdoch MacKay, brought together more than 18 agricultural organizations from all segments of the grain value chain to develop a report that encompasses a consensus and organizes recommendations from across the industry to strengthen the country’s grain sector.

This report is the third issued from the group – the first two provided input for the Rail Freight Service Review Implementation process, and supplied suggestions for the improvement of the supply chain for all crops.

This third report on increasing efficiency in the grain sector included eight recommendations including, increased rail market transparency, the continued assessment of grain volume movements, improvements to the Level of Service process, strengthening the powers of the Canadian Transportation Agency, and increased support and protection for smaller and producer-car shippers.

Commenting on the recommendations, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says, “"The input provided by the CLWG supports our Government's commitment to improving the transportation system so that farmers' products get to market quickly and efficiently. Working with industry to strengthen the entire supply chain ensures Canada's grain sector is well positioned for long term growth and sustainability."

The consolidated recommendations will be submitted by the CLWG to the Canada Transportation Act (CTA) review panel, being chaired by the Honorable David Emerson.

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