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Inventor Hopes ‘Grain Goat’ Will Revolutionize Grain Production

Martin Bremmer hopes his invention will create a significant benefit for grain producers. Twenty years ago, as a young man working summers harvesting grain, he took note of the time, money, and effort spent in driving a combine from one field to another looking for wheat fields ready to be harvested. That was when he began developing the concept of the ‘Grain Goat’ – a one-person portable combine and grain sampling device that has the potential to save producers time and money.

Mr. Bremmer began testing the device’s feasibility through a series of prototypes two years ago, and finding that the device worked better than expected, gained financial backing from The Nebraska Department of Economic Development and an unnamed angel investor.

Mr. Bremmer has been awarded a U.S. patent for the hand-held harvester and sampler, which has the ability to collect, clean, and calculate the moisture content of grain within three minutes from as little as three quarters of a cup of grain.

“The big reason we did this was all farmers have to know the moisture content of the grains before they harvest,” Bremmer said. “If it is too high or too low, that is bad, so the sooner they can predict or know exactly what their moisture content is, that is just power in their own mind, they can have a plan and that can be a huge cost savings.”

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