• By Lynda Kiernan

UK Animal Feed Firm Invests £600,000 in Oilseed Crushing Plant

Norvite, an animal feed business located in Olmeldrum, Scotland, has invested £600,000 (US$922,000) to build a new oilseed crushing plant.

The plant – Norvite Expeller Oil Seeds (NEOS), will have the annual capacity to cold press approximately 4,000 tons of locally sourced oilseed rape, or the equivalent of 30% of the 40,000 – 45,000 tons of oilseed rape produced in the region.

Upon processing the rapeseed, the plant is expected to produce 2,600 tons of protein-rich meal and 1.288 million liters of oil per year. The meal will be branded under the Neopro name and will be integrated into the company’s feed products, while the oil will be filtered to the equivalent of extra virgin oils and will be used as a high energy source in animal diets under the brand name Neofolo.

The plant, which became operational last month, has been engineered to be able to triple its processing capacity in the future as demand increases and the business grows.

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