• By Lynda Kiernan

Viterra Secures $100 Million Rail Deal

Viterra and Genesee & Wyoming Australia have secured the future of grain shipping after signing a five year, $100 million rail agreement.

The deal marks one of the largest investments in grain transportation, and gives growers and handlers added confidence about getting their grain to port, while making South Australia more attractive to prospective exporters.

The deal, which is the first to be signed in a deregulated market, will also keep more grain on the rails and off the region’s aging road network.

Over the past seven years the grain industry has seen significant growth and increased stress placed on the industry’s infrastructure – more exporters and handlers are demanding service during peak times, and at a quicker rate. Beside the financial considerations built into such agreements, this agreement has also taken into consideration this growing intensity of usage, providing for the long-term, sustainable performance of the system.

In addition, Viterra is looking into installing lighting to support 24-hour loading upcountry, and scheduling staff available on a 24-hour cycle to come in to unload shipments as soon as they come in to the port.

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