• By Lynda Kiernan

Cargill Opens its 14th Global Animal Nutrition Center in China

Cargill has opened a Technology Application Center (TAC) dedicated to animal feed research and development, in Hebei, China. This is Cargill’s 14th animal nutrition research and technology center in the world, allowing Chinese customers access to the latest global advances in animal feed solutions that have proven effective in other markets.

As producers of animal protein work to raise production to feed growing populations while using fewer resources, Cargill has opened its newest animal nutrition center in China, with the goal of helping customers integrate the latest and best feed technologies as part of growing their business.

Working on site, Cargill’s Animal Nutrition Research and Development team evaluate and test Cargill’s technologies under local conditions, allowing for the acceleration in the development and delivery of new products that are designed to meet the specific needs of local producers.

The new TAC site in Hebei has 120 lactating dairy cows and 280 sows, and will focus on technologies that will improve animal performance and health, lower feed costs, and reduce nitrogen and phosphorus excretion.

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