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Canola Streaming Firm Now Largest Canola Producer on Canadian Prairies

Saskatchewan-based canola streaming firm, Input Capital Corp. has seen a second year of growth. Input structures streaming contracts with canola growers, buying a portion of the farmer’s canola crop at a fixed price for the duration of the contract, paying 80% of the value of the contract upfront.

The firm invested $49.1 million into canola streaming contracts during the 2015 fiscal year – almost doubling the company’s capital deployment year on year, and quadrupled the firm’s plant base from 15 to 68 – lowering the group’s deal size and increasing diversification, according to Doug Emsley, Input chief executive.

In fiscal year 2014 the company sold 6,500 tons of canola and in 2015 the company sold 23,923 tons, increasing revenue from $3.1 million in 2014 to $11 million in 2015. This tonnage makes Input the largest canola producer on the Canadian prairies.

Input also expanded its business into Manitoba with three of the 53 new streaming contracts in that province last year, five were added in Alberta, and 45 were added in Saskatchewan.

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