Millennials' Impact on the Food Supply Chain

Eve Turow Paul, Author & Consultant, ETP Insights, LLC

September 3, 2015 --  Dr. Corey Cherr shares his insight on The Impact of Weather on Global Agriculture. 

The Impact of Weather on Global Agriculture

Dr. Corey Cherr, Head of Agriculture and Weather Research and Forecasts, Lanworth -- Thomson Reuters 

October 13, 2016 -- Eve Turow Paul discusses her fascinating research on how the millennial generation's food behavior is driving change in the agri-food supply chain and what implications it has on the future.

Farm Talk Profiles 2016 Oilseed & Grain Trade Summit

A radio interview with HighQuest's Philippe de Lapérouse by Farm Talk's Mick Kjar 

November 3, 2016 -- In this eight minute radio interview with Event Chairman Philippe de Lapérouse, Farm Talk Reporter Mick Kjar touches upon the highlights of the 11th annual 2016 Oilseed and Grain Trade Summit.